And the winner is…

You, for being a huduyou-er!

Okay, you wanted to know who won the contest, right? We are delighted to announce that the winner of the Bergen County MacBook Air contest is… Judy Gutin. Congratulations Judy! We hope you’ll enjoy the laptop, and use it to write many helpful reviews of local service providers.

While we can’t give a shiny new MacBook Air to everyone, each user of huduyou is a winner because you pay no subscription fee, get great information from your friends and community members, and it’s always there for you. So, why not consider yourself a winner for jumping on the huduyou bandwagon?

As you well know, most of us don’t need a carpenter, orthodontist, or veterinarian every day. But when you do, it sure is nice to know that at huduyou you can always find a good one, or ask your friends for recommendations. Sometimes, you’ll even find information that will help you steer clear of providers to avoid.

Just recently, a friend from Passaic sent a link to an unfortunate story in The Bergen Record about two home repair companies. Apparently the attorney general in Hackensack filed suit against them after the state of New Jersey received more than 50 complaints about their work! Imagine how many people didn’t complain, but also received poor service (they do chimney repair, roofing repair and gutter cleaning, according to the article).

So, while we prefer to focus on the positive, when you have an experience with a service provider – good or bad – that you’d like to share with others, you can go to huduyou and write a review today. Your friends and neighbors will be able to see it immediately, and maybe next time a provider is doing shoddy work, it won’t take years of bad service and more than 50 complaints to make them accountable.


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