From huduyou to WhoDoYou

Check out the new WhoDoYou! Today we’re excited to introduce a whole new way to find trusted local businesses. A search on WhoDoYou will now find previously-asked questions (“can anyone recommend a plumber… I need a dentist”) and serve up answers from the local Facebook community. And if you log in (or log back in for existing users) you can see your own personal ‘vault’ of recommendations, already shared by your friends and in your groups.

You may have also noticed that we changed the spelling of our name. Oh, and our website has been completely refreshed. Why all the changes?

Well, we started this journey with one goal in mind: to help people find trusted local businesses. We believed, from day one, that the most important element in helping to find great local service providers is good information. So we initially created a platform that would enable people to write and share reviews among friends.

Along the way, we heard plenty of feedback. One of the most important themes was that people are already sharing these kinds of local recommendations on Facebook. Which works great for people at the time of need. But within a few days or weeks, that information disappeared – there was no way to store or search all these valuable  scraps of information. So we decided to support the method of sharing , but make the information as accessible and as easy to find as a review on the old huduyou.

After a lot of work, we found a way to capture and structure relevant public posts. So now, when you are looking for a handyman in Detroit, or a pediatrician in Dallas, you are likely to find public Facebook posts from others in your area that have already recommended some great providers.

We decided to go even further. Because we are built on top of the Facebook platform, when you log in with Facebook you will also see recommendations shared by your friends, and from your groups. We even created a new page called “My Vault” which collects your personalized recommendations in a place that only you can access. We don’t share these with others, and we never publicize this information. But what better way to tap the “wisdom of your crowd?”

So, try it out today and let us know what you think. We’re pleased with the new direction, and most excited about giving our users an even better way to find trusted local businesses. And if you have any feedback, we love hearing from you.