Giving Thanks at WhoDoYou

As loyal readers of this blog know, I generally focus my comments around the issues of social, local search. I like taking various angles and exploring them in more detail – dynamics at work in the industry, new developments related to our site, the importance of getting the solution right to help people at their time of need. It primarily flows from my passion – and the commitment of the entire WhoDoYou team – to tackle this problem of trusted reviews. We really believe in the importance of our mission, and we’re working very hard to solve the problem in a way nobody else has yet tried.

So, while the complexity of identifying free text conversations and converting them into structured recommendations is sometimes daunting, it is important to pull up once in a while and focus on the big picture. Today, with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching (for those in our US audience), it seemed an appropriate time for me to stop and say thank you to the many folks that are so deserving of our appreciation.

First and foremost, I’d like to thank our users. We really (and I mean really!) appreciate feedback when you send it in. We like hearing all opinions, even if they’re negative, so we can improve our solution. And most of all, we thank you for your trust. Finding and choosing a local service provider doesn’t seem too sexy, but when your sink is clogged at 11 PM and you need a plumber, you really need to rely on your friends and neighbors to help you find a trusted professional. When users log in to our site with Facebook they also put their trust in us, and we hope you’re rest assured that we’re taking careful measures to protect, and certainly not to misuse your information. There too we’re always open to feedback should you have any.

I also want to thank our investors who have faithfully supported us. The ongoing wisdom, questions, feedback, and yes – even criticisms – all help to move the business forward. We’re putting all we have into making this a success, and we appreciate your continued role in making it happen.

I couldn’t write a post like this without thanking the great team at WhoDoYou for your ongoing commitment. It’s not easy doing a startup; there are many zigs and zags along the way, lots of uncertainty, and a pretty small office to contend with. But you keep pushing to make WhoDoYou a success – it’s an honor to work with you (this goes for our extended team of freelancers too!).

And finally, I must say thanks to the families, friends and loved ones within the WhoDoYou orbit. I know this sounds like the tone normally reserved for a note announcing a company closure, or acquisition, but it’s not necessary to wait for one of those outcomes to say thanks. I know it’s not easy to watch spouses, mothers, sons and dads work around the clock. Early stage companies have a way of eating up time and attention, and for the support and understanding, I say a sincere thank you.

I hope those that celebrate Thanksgiving, and others who happen to read this blog, can take a minute and just say thanks to the people around them who provide ongoing support and caring. I don’t know about you, but it sure feels good for me to say a few well-deserved thanks.

As always, if you have any comments, please send ‘em along.




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