WhoDoYou App for iPhone – Available Now!

I am pleased to announce that our iPhone app is now available on iTunes. This is an important achievement for us, as it allows users to find trusted recommendations on desktop, mobile web, Android and iPhone. Download the app today and let us know what you think.

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I have often been asked (recently by BusinessWeek) about our mix of traffic – desktop vs mobile. in fact, many in our industry have challenged us: why even bother with a desktop version of WhoDoYou, after all, haven’t we heard of mobile first? Well yes, we have, and there is no doubt that mobile is a crucial part of providing a great user experience. However, we have seen our mix of traffic stabilize over the last several months – even while we’ve been growing overall users exponentially. And guess what? It turns out that two thirds of our users search on desktop, while one third use a mobile device.

We view this as a positive. Some searches lend themselves well to mobile, either because of time sensitivity or location. One example is locksmith searches – these are overwhelmingly done on mobile, as you might expect. Just think if you were locked out of your car or house, how would you search for a locksmith?

On the other hand, consider a search for dentist or pediatrician. These are much more likely to be done on a desktop, with plenty of time and room to do ‘research’. In other words, the context of each search matters a lot. And we have seen the positive impact of searches executed on our mobile apps. It is easy for users to save provider information directly to contacts; to bookmark providers or searches, and certainly to call directly from within the app.

So, we are excited to launch our iOS app today, and we look forward to more exciting news in the coming weeks. Please send us any feedback you have on the apps, and we’ll be sure to get back to you asap.

Thanks for your support!


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