Crowd-sourced local reviews you can trust

Finding reviews and recommendations for local businesses that you can truly trust is a widely debated topic. The burning question that always crops up is how do you know you can really rely on the recommendation? This is where WhoDoYou comes in.

You can feel fully confident in trusting the recommendations found on WhoDoYou. There is no super-secret algorithm that carefully selects reviews to best reflect collective opinions from the masses. What you see is what you get. Opinions can be relied upon without fear of bias or review manipulation.

When you search for a local business on WhoDoYou we show you every single recommendation relevant to your search. Nothing is hidden. We specialize in finding you all the great bits of advice shared by friends on Facebook, turning them into local business recommendations so you can benefit from this unlimited pool of data. We also recently introduced a pretty neat ranking and sorting mechanism so you can get a more in-depth impression of the business’s rating. The relevancy score, as shown below, is customized for each search, and includes things like the number and quality of reviews, proximity to your search, and a social weighting.

And if you’re a business owner, we do our best to gather any endorsements from your customers on Facebook to link them to your business. We don’t filter legit reviews because they’re deemed unworthy, or change the search result order as a result of businesses paying for their profile.

So, when you want to know who the best pediatrician in town is, find a fair mechanic or relatively pain-free dentist come on by to You’ll find good ‘ol honest advice shared by friends on Facebook, without favoritism towards a reviewer’s pedigree.

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